For parents/carers to download to use at home with their children:

The Christ our Light and Life Catholic Special Religious Education (SRE) curriculum has 16 ‘take home’ activity sheets for each year level from Kindergarten to Year 6.

These activity sheets are authorised by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and other NSW-ACT Catholic Dioceses.

The NSW-ACT Catholic Bishops also approved the development of a new Secondary School Catholic SRE curriculum, called Pathways of Discipleship, that has been adapted to present PowerPoint slides with voice-overs and music embedded.

Scroll down to see these Primary School SRE resources and new Secondary School SRE resources listed below.


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To help you spend good, quality time together as a family, there are timeless ‘oldie but goodie’ fun games to play as well as a ‘library’ of new screen games available from the Sydney Catholic Youth team (SCY) a.k.a. “SKY”.

SCY supports your local area youth leaders to help grow good family and community times together.

To find out more: click here to chat with the SCY team or click here for your local parish contact details

SCY is part of our Australia-wide Catholic Christian youth network: Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Office for Youth

Primary School SRE resources


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Year 6

Secondary School SRE resources

Year 7

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