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Archdiocesan Code of Conduct

Click HERE to download the English version of the Archdiocese’s Code of Conduct for Working with Children.

Click on a language below to access a translation of the Code of Conduct in that language:

NSW Department of Education Code of Conduct

SRE Teachers (Catechists and Assistants) are to be aware of the NSW Department of Education Code of Conduct, which includes the Social Media Policy (see Section 23 of the Code) and act in accordance with the conduct described in it.

The SRE Safeguarding Code of Conduct training course meets the above requirement by providing information, guidelines and scenarios.

  • Click HERE to download the SRE Safeguarding training course outline ( 248k PDF)

SRE Teaching Review Process

Approved providers are required to have in place a process for reviewing SRE teaching.

  • Click HERE to download the SRE Teacher review process.

The review process addresses identified issues, such as, further training and mentor support, and is used to update training courses in view of emerging classroom behavioural trends and best practice teaching techniques.



Download the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney SRE Authorisation Process for SRE Teachers and Assistants (Catechists) by clicking on the link below.



Download the Reporting Reportable Conduct and Complaints Handling Procedure (3 pages) by clicking on the link below.

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