Apply for the Young Catechist Program to attend WYD 2023 in Portugal

Apply for the Young Catechist Program and become part of a new generation of Catechists. Join our Special Religious Education (SRE) teachers who share their faith with Catholic Students in Public Schools. Your participation will lead to a sponsorship of up to $6000* to attend World Youth Day 2023. This pilgrimage of a lifetime will deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the faith, helping you empower and inspire others. Be part of something special. Gain valuable experience, make connections, and find joy in helping others discover their faith. Don’t miss out, apply today!

To be eligible:

  • Have a love for faith and ministry and a passion to work with young people
  • Dedicate a year of service teaching at least one Catholic Scripture class at a Public School within the Archdiocese of Sydney
  • Attain a valid WWCC
  • Aged between 18-35 years

As part of the Young Catechist Program, you will team up with a Parish and other Catechists to teach Special Religious Education (SRE) to young people in public schools to learn and understand the Catholic faith.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan, prepare and teach faith classes for Primary or High School students (training and curriculum will be provided)
  • Use appropriate teaching methods and materials that are engaging, interactive, and age-appropriate
  • Prepare and present lessons that are aligned with the approved curriculum and the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Create a positive learning environment that is respectful, inclusive, and promotes personal growth
  • Be responsible for the safety and well-being of the students in the class
  • Be a role model of a strong Catholic faith, living according to the teachings of the Church
  • Attend meetings and trainings as required

Other Responsibilities:

  • Be an ambassador for the CCD mission and invite other young people to share their faith with Catholic Students in Public Schools.
  • Assist CCD Sydney with its events such as Annual Catechist Mass and Life Members Function.

Being a young Catechist can have many benefits, both for you and for the parish community you serve in:

  • The opportunity to share your own faith with others and to help them deepen their relationship with God
  • Gain a sense of purpose, fulfillment and joy by having a positive impact on the lives of the students
  • Develop new skills and gain valuable experience
  • The opportunity to learn and grow alongside the students you teach, as they ask questions and explore their faith


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