Share Christmas Joy

Created by CCD Broken Bay for all families on behalf of all Catechists with thanks.


We invite families to prepare for Jesus’ birthday.

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Also, open your “Advent & Christmas” booklet, opposite, for a Christmas message and other activities. Click on Fullscreen [   ] once opened.


For Christmas Day

What child doesn’t love a Birthday Party?

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Up for a Challenge?

Advent and Christmas Challenges to do with your teens.

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Get ready for Christmas

Light a Candle for Christmas with your Family.

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Here’s a great way to keep in mind that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday!

You will need:

  • Birthday candles
  • Cake or cupcakes
  • Party decorations

What to do:

Hold a birthday party for Jesus! Make a cake or cupcakes. Light the candles and sing Jesus happy birthday. Encourage your children to offer prayers and happy birthday wishes to Jesus. You could even encourage your children to make Jesus a birthday card.

With thanks to for this joyful, family-centered idea!


Challenge your teens this Advent and Christmas with these fun, easy, and creative activities. Here are 10 examples. Feel free to come up with your own with your teenager.

  1. Have a family “Bake off.”
  2. “No gadget day”, instead, do some outdoor activities together.
  3. Family Games Night – play your favourite board games.
  4. Volunteer to give a little back at Church or your local community.
  5. Watch your favourite Christmas Movie.
  6. Donate old clothes to Vinnies.
  7. Attend the Christmas midnight Mass.
  8. Prepare a Christmas Lunch or Dinner for a family friend.
  9. Do a random ‘act of kindness’ for family members.
  10. Make your own gifts for Christmas.


What to do: Parents, find a candle, some matches or a lighter and gather your family around.

You may wish to use these words or your own words…

We gather around this candle to get ready for Christmas.

God choose to become one of us by being born in Bethlehem and was given the name, Jesus. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. His name means “God saves”. Jesus grew up to show us who God is because he is God, and how much we are loved. He is also called the “Light of the world” because he shows us what life is all about.

We will now light this candle and pray …

Dear God, as we light this candle, bless our family here and help us to remember that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, the Son of God, the Light of the world.

We thank you God for … (e.g. the gift of light, the gift of one another, those who care for us, those we care about, any pets we are to care for …)

We give thanks for Jesus being with us always. Amen.

Advent: to make a simple Advent Wreath using 5 candles and prayers for the 4 Sundays before Christmas, see the following section.

Easy-to-make folded paper-plate ‘rocking’ Christmas Card: see below

Photo Baby Jesus paper plate craft

Easy-to-make folded paper-plate “Baby Jesus in manger” Christmas Card

Click here for the Baby Jesus sketch to print-out (PDF 165Kb)

Make a simple Advent wreath with 5 candles

To see how and for the meaning of this tradition click here (5 Mb PowerPoint) – see also pages 4-9 of the “Advent & Christmas” flip-booklet above.

Invitation: Share your Christmas Candle or Advent Wreath photos with other families at #ShareChristmasJoy

Prayers 4 Sundays before Christmas

1st Sunday of Advent | 4 Sundays before Christmas Day

Parents, light your family’s Christmas Candle and use the ‘Light a Candle’ prayer above or your own words to give thanks to God.

2nd Sunday of Advent | 3 Sundays before Christmas Day

Parents, light your family’s Christmas Candle, or if you have made an Advent wreath, light 2 purple candles.

Dear God, as we watch mothers and fathers prepare for Christmas, we think about Mary, Mother of Jesus, and Joseph, foster-father of Jesus, who lovingly took care of baby Jesus. Help us to be thankful for those who lovingly take care of us. […]

3rd Sunday of Advent | 2 Sundays before Christmas Day

Parents, light your family’s Christmas Candle, or if you have made an Advent wreath, light 3 candles (the first two purple candles again and now the pink one).

Now Jesus’ birthday is nearer, we thank you, God, our loving Father in Heaven, for sending your Son, Jesus, to be born of Mary by the power of your Holy Spirit. Help us to give thanks for the gift of life and to do good.

4th Sunday of Advent | 1 Sunday before Christmas Day

Parents, light your family’s Christmas Candle, or if you have made an Advent wreath, light all four candles around the edge (the three purple and one pink candles).

Now Jesus’ birthday is very near. God our loving Father in Heaven, may Jesus’ birthday bring us joy and happiness. May we make good choices to become more and more like Jesus every day.

Christmas Day

Light your Christmas Candle, or if you have made an Advent wreath, light all 5 candles!

Sing happy birthday to Jesus! We thank you, loving Father, for this day. Jesus, you are the true Gift of Christmas! May your Holy Spirit, who is our Helper, help us to know that you are with us always to enlighten, strengthen and guide us by your words in the Bible and by following what has been handed down to us by those whom you chose to walk with you so that we may enjoy life to the full. Happy birthday, Jesus!

Scroll up to “What child doesn’t love a birthday party?” to celebrate with cake!

Seek and you shall find

To celebrate Christmas Mass in your local area, search “Christmas Mass near me” For those in the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, click here

#ShareChristmasJoy – please “Share Christmas Joy” by uploading your decorated Christmas Candle or your Advent Wreath photos!