Latest Past Events

Annual Catechist Mass

St Mary's Cathedral & Cathedral Parish Hall St Mary's Road, Sydney

The Annual Catechist Mass is a celebration in thanksgiving for the wonderful work and effort of all Catechists. Every year we present awards to Catechists who have reached milestones in their service as Scripture Teachers. It is followed by a wonderful fellowship with light refreshments at the Cathedral Hall.


Catechist Gathering @ Lidcombe

St Joachim's Parish Hall 31-33 John Street, Lidcombe

The Catechists Gathering are an important part of the CCD Calendar. It's an opportunity for all Catechists and helpers to be equipped and inspired.


Joint Coordinators Meeting

: As in January 2017, this Luncheon Meeting will serve as a combined Coordinators’ Meeting; i.e. we will not be holding separate Area Coordinator Meetings in the beginning of 2018.
Topics to be covered are: 1. NSW Dept of Education updates: new & “refined” SRE Implementation Procedures (issuing from 2014-2015 SRE Review); 2. Catechist census: recruitment and training; 3. Questions and Answers